Linden Bowling Club

JBA CLUB OF THE YEAR 2006, 2012 & 2016



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Do you enjoy playing sport, socializing & meeting new people in friendly surroundings?

If you do, then LINDEN BOWLING CLUB is the place for you.

We are competitive

 In this own corner of the virtual world you will find some information about us and our favorite hobby including some cool photos


We have fun

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We host corporate & fun days 

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Bowls is a sport you can start at any age. It can be played equally well by men and women regardless of strength and physique. There are a few, if any other sports where a  husband & wife, grandfather, father & son, a person in a wheelchair, an amputee or visually impaired person can play with or against each other.

We have 3 highly qualified coaches, one being a 2014 Commonwealth Games gold and bronze medalist.  

So if you want to try a new sport that caters for all ages then contact LINDEN BOWLING CLUB.  


                                                               FUN DAY 16 TH DECEMBER 2016